Product Information

What is RepHresh?

RepHresh vaginal gel can help with your feminine hygiene needs. Maintaining your vaginal pH balance is an important part of feminine hygiene. A pH imbalance can lead to symptoms such odour, discharge and discomfort. Restoring the correct pH levels helps maintain a healthy vaginal environment where harmful bacteria find it difficult to flourish.


It may be helpful to use RepHresh during the times you are most susceptible to higher pH levels, such as after your period or sexual intimacy.Regular use of RepHresh may help prevent symptoms associated with high levels of vaginal pH.


How to use RepHresh

RepHresh is simple and easy to use. The applicator is inserted into the vagina just like a tampon. After pressing the thick end of the applicator, a small amount of clear gel is deposited in the vagina. RepHresh applicators are designed to deposit the recommended amount of product, where it is needed.


Why should you use RepHresh?

  • Helps regulate and maintain a healthy vaginal pH
  • Helps relieve feminine discomforts (itching and irritation) associated with high levels of vaginal pH
  • Helps eliminate feminine odour
  • Each applications lasts up to 3 days


Did you know?  A normal vaginal pH of 4.5 is important for maintaining good vaginal health.


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